In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Board of Directors
Royster, Mareion
Club President
Club Administration
Community Outreach Includes Sub-Committees: Service Leadership Programs: Chair Bob Handelman Members - Joe Kennedy, Paddy Kutz, Brittany Misner, Seth Roy, Jessica Royster, Craig Thom, Michael Wesley Signature Programs & Fundraising: Chair Doug Stutz Members - Chris Miller, Chris Perry, Pam Roberts, Rebecca Hampton, Abbey Border, Tabby Hahn Human & Spiritual Values - Chair: Judy Bradley Members - Bethany Cain, Herb Gregg, Dave Morris, Rod Nelson, Dave Wenger, Dave Whiteman, Brian Wilfong, Ben Forgrave, Doris Spriggs, Michael Wesley Kids Need Kiwanis: Chair Cliff Steinman Members - Brandon Mathis, Jennifer Pettit, Amanda Snow, Sheila Miller
Executive Committee
Royster, Mareion
Consists of Club Officers
Finance & Fundraising
Fish Fry
Human & Spiritual Values
Membership & Growth Includes Sub-Committees: Recognition: Chairs David & Jodi Doney; Jill Goddard Members - Dave Morris, Rod Nelson, Pam Roberts, Dave Wenger Division, District & International Programs: Chairs: Bethany Cain & Heather Powell, Bob Handelman,Lynn Fawcett, Abbey Border Speakers: Chair: Brian Wilfong Members - David Doney, Joe Kennedy, Joe Moore, Seth Roy, Jessica Royster, Bill Rauch Public Relations (100 year celebration): Chair Brittany Misner Members - David Doney, Jodi Doney, Jill Goddard, Bob Handelman, Paddy Kutz, Jennifer Pettit, Amanda Snow, Dave Whiteman, Rebecca Hampton, Sheila Miller, Rich Clark
Pancake Day
Programs & Public Relations
Service Leadership
Social Activities
Strawberry Festival Includes Sub-Committees: Shortcakes: Chair: Ted Cobb Members - Joe Kennedy,Rebecca Hampton, Seth Roy, Rich Clark Pageant: Chair Jessica Royster Members - Bethany Cain, Brittany Misner, Jennifer Pettit, Jillian Rine, Amanda Snow, Craig Thom Strawberry Slicing: Chair: Judy Bradley Members - Herb Gregg, Joe Kennedy, Paddy Kutz, Dave Morris, Pam Roberts, Dave Wenger, Sheila Miller Strawberry Floats: Chair: Herb Gregg Members - Bob Handelman, Tabby Hahn Strawberry Trailer: Chair: Brandon Mathis Member - Rod Nelson, Cliff Steinman, Ted Cobb 50/50 Tickets: Chair: Michael Harris Members - Paddy Kutz, Dave Whiteman, Tabby Hahn
Youth Services